Following the resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of September 5, 2017, the new Board of Directors of EUROBROKERS INSURANCE BROKERS S.A. was elected as follows:

President and CEO is Mr. Georgios Koumbas.
Vice-President (Executive) Mr. Walid Abdo and Executive Advisor Mrs. Efthimia Koutsovasili.

In detail, the new Board of Directors reconstituted as follows:
Georgios Koumbas, President & CEO
Walid Abdo, Executive Member, Vice President
Efthimia Koutsovasili, Executive Member, Executive Advisor
Nikos Kokkinakis, Independent Non-Executive Member
Stylianos Karpathakis, Independent Non-Executive Member
Anastasios Tsironis, Independent Non-Executive Member
Spyros Papaspyropoulos, Independent Non-Executive Member

Internal Audit Committee:
Nikos Kokkinakis, President,
Stylianos Karpathakis, Member
Anastasios Tsironis, Member